Official Cover Reveal for Nightmare City

I love this cover. Les, a.k.a. Germancreative on Fiverr cooked it up for me and did a wonderful job. She’s done several covers for me for job stuff, so I knew working with her would be a breeze.

Of course, the cover for my beloved Book Baby is a different story than for a few content upgrades – but I think Les totally got that and blew me away with how well she was able to convert my written ramblings of what I had in mind onto paper.

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The best Stock Photos for amazing Urban Fantasy Covers


Readers judge books by their covers.

I know the saying tells us to do differently, and I agree on a metaphorical level (especially when you substitute “books” for “people”), but when it comes to actual book covers… well, we choose to pick up and peruse a book based on a cover, don’t we? Continue reading “The best Stock Photos for amazing Urban Fantasy Covers”