Official Cover Reveal for Nightmare City

I love this cover. Les, a.k.a. Germancreative on Fiverr cooked it up for me and did a wonderful job. She’s done several covers for me for job stuff, so I knew working with her would be a breeze.

Of course, the cover for my beloved Book Baby is a different story than for a few content upgrades – but I think Les totally got that and blew me away with how well she was able to convert my written ramblings of what I had in mind onto paper.

Nightmare City book

I seriously love it. The stock photo of the cover model is from NeoStock – check them out if you’re ever in need of badass fantasy, sci-fi, or dystopian covers.

I wanted this cover to recognizably fit together with the prequel novella’s cover, Once Upon A Nightmare.


In both covers, I wanted to see the monster the heroine is fighting in the reflection of a high-rise behind her. The monsters are dream (well, nightmare) manifestations – i.e. someone’s nightly dreams that have literally come true – and therefore give a glimpse into the dreamer’s subconscious mind. In their small, twisted, and unfathomable ways, our dreams are mirrors into our souls, our highest hopes and deepest fears.

It also plays with one of the themes of the series – are the manifested dreams “real”? Are they worthy of living? And who are we to judge them worthy?

I could go deeper, but that’s the gist of it – and obviously, I do go deeper in the book. 😉 So if you’re curious about Nightmare Citywhy not start with signing up to my newsletter here and getting a free download of Once Upon a Nightmare in return?

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