Free Christmas Anthology “The Granting Of Wishes”

Yep, it’s that time of year again.

Even here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Christmas decorations are everywhere. Often standing right next to Buddhist shrines or temples. Like here, in front of the mall just around the corner of our villas:

The Thai people appear very eager to cater to the large number of Western tourists here. Which is nice, although an average of 30°C during the day doesn’t immediately lend itself to christmassy thoughts. So we have not only the religious juxtaposition, but also the contrast of seasons. Which seems to boggle my mind a bit more than I would ever have expected.

To try for more of a Yuletide spirit, I had an idea for a Christmas anthology…

Can impossible wishes ever be granted? Continue reading “Free Christmas Anthology “The Granting Of Wishes””

Free chapters daily! For a whole week! (Oh, and a snippet)

I have a surprise for you, dear reader:

Starting on Monday and running through Friday, I’ll be posting a new chapter of Agent of the Arcane: Double Cross per day!

A few readers complained that once a week wasn’t going fast enough, especially in the beginning, so I decided to oblige. Schedule permitting, I’ll probably keep throwing out a week like this per month, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Until then, here’s a teaser snippet from the upcoming Chapter 4 – Break-Down:

Cole insisted on picking me up at home; he probably wanted to check out my place, see if it gave any clues as to my truthfulness. He’d be disappointed, because there wasn’t much to find or deduce. I lived like the waitress I was pretending to be.

To his credit, he wasn’t just disappointed. He was shocked.

“This is a hovel,” he said as soon as he stepped inside the tiny, single-room apartment with the kitchen niche and a small, built-in closet.

“This is just temporary,” I defended my quarters. “Until I’ve saved some money and can afford something a little nicer.”

“I smell mold.”

His nose had to be phenomenal. I’d painted over that patch of mold in one of the corners with red paint, pimping the whole room in the process. Red made everything look more vibrant, less sorry. Less hovel-y.

I crossed my arms in front of me. “I wouldn’t say no to a raise, you know. Hunting vampires doesn’t earn me a cent.”

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