Yep, it’s that time of year again.

Even here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Christmas decorations are everywhere. Often standing right next to Buddhist shrines or temples. Like here, in front of the mall just around the corner of our villas:

The Thai people appear very eager to cater to the large number of Western tourists here. Which is nice, although an average of 30°C during the day doesn’t immediately lend itself to christmassy thoughts. So we have not only the religious juxtaposition, but also the contrast of seasons. Which seems to boggle my mind a bit more than I would ever have expected.

To try for more of a Yuletide spirit, I had an idea for a Christmas anthology…

Can impossible wishes ever be granted?

Find out in this free Christmas Anthology with three inspirational, heartwarming and magical short stories, for download as PDF.

Keep tissues handy!

The Granting of Wishes

Cover 2

Christmas is, above any other time in the year, a time of wishes.

Of sending them out into the world.

Of making lists of them.

Of granting them.

We wish for the possible, but more often we wish for the impossible, because Christmas is that magical time when it seems as if wishes might truly be granted – even to those who no longer believe in Santa Clause.

The three short stories in this book explore what it can be like to have your impossible wishes granted – or to be the one granting an impossible wish.

There’s Cory, whose most fervent wish is snow at Christmas – in the midst of summer in South Africa.

There’s Charlotte, who wishes she didn’t have to spend Christmas alone this year.

And there’s Merry, who wishes for a dollhouse for Christmas; Karen, her mother, who wishes she could afford winter tires, let alone a dollhouse for her daughter; and George, a stranger, who wishes he could right the wrong he did to his son many years ago.

Impossible wishes, one and all – or maybe not?


These stories have been published on my old blog in previous years (so you may have read them before, if you were one of my 5 readers on that blog 😉 ), but now I’ve compiled them into one book for easy reading.

Sign up and download the PDF here. 

I hope you enjoy the stories and that they add to your Christmas spirit.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!


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