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Digital nomads: They work remotely and travel the world. Sometimes, they even fall in love…

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Georgia “Gigi” Rand has worked hard to become the beautiful, confident social media expert she is. When she gets the chance to speak at a conference for digital nomads in Florence, she grabs it with both hands – until she learns she’ll have to hold her presentation with the man who not only broke her heart in high school, but ripped it out and stomped on it for good measure.

At first, heartthrob and branding consultant Nate West is intrigued by the woman he gets partnered up with for the conference talk. That is, until he remembers her and what happened between them fifteen years ago. He vows to make it up to her and give her the apology she deserves – but can she forgive him in time for the two of them to deliver a presentation that will knock the socks off the digital nomad community and future potential customers? 

BRANDED BY YOU is the first in the Wireless Lovestory series of steamy* romance novellas (circa 30,000 words) about digital nomads and written by a digital nomad – but not just for digital nomads!

If you like it short and steamy-sweet, this is the summer read for you. Click here and download your FREE copy now.


* not 50 Shades of Grey level, but at least Nora Roberts level steamy (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Ever wondered how f***ing scary it is for a writer to publish their first book?

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Writing a book – a successful book, in terms of it being read and liked by people who aren’t the author, the author’s family or friends or manicurist – is a balancing act.

A story needs to strike a balance between a) what the writer wants to write and b) what you, the reader, want to read.

A Writer’s Love – And Hate – For A Story

For a writer to stick with a story for long enough to make an entire, publishable novel out of it, we have to love it. Love it. Heart and soul, mind and body.

Our entire being, inside and out, must cherish the premise, the characters, the plot.

We must adore it. Worship it. Revere it. Or else it will never come to fruition. Continue reading “Ever wondered how f***ing scary it is for a writer to publish their first book?”

Download Paranormal Romance “Double Cross” As Free PDF

Agent of the Arcane: Double Cross is about halfway posted on my free fiction blog.

Time to celebrate and for me to give back to you, dear reader!

Not only will the new chapters of Double Cross from now on be published on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Yep, we’re picking up the pace. 😉 )

But, if you’re loathe to wait until the middle of February to get to THE END, I also have another option for you:

The entire book is ready for you to download as a free PDF.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!


Snippet from Christmas Anthology

I recently compiled three of my Christmas-themed short stories into an anthology called The Granting Of WishesThank you to everyone who signed up and got their free PDF-copy. I hope you enjoyed the three short stories!

I’ve been told by readers (not just my mom! ;-)) that they were moved to tears by these stories. So for those of you who weren’t sure whether you wanted to get the anthology or not, here’s a snippet to give you some idea of what you’d be reading:

A Wish Named Snow – Snippet

Cory hastens from his mother’s bedroom to the kitchen, trying hard not to spill the water in the bowl he is holding. He doesn’t have time to sop up any puddles. His mother is feverish again and he needs fresh water to cool her face.

He dumps the water in the kitchen sink and rinses out the cloth. He looks outside the window in front of him, at the garden. In spring, the flowers bloomed beautifully and the lawn was as green as a golf-course. But now, in the heat of summer, the color has gone out of grass and leaves and petals. Everything is yellow and brown and dead.

Usually, his mother would never let this happen. Last year, the garden was a riot of color all summer long, well tended, watered every morning and evening to withstand the South African summer heat. Cory would ‘help’ her, by digging through the earth with his little red shovel and redistributing it in his yellow bucket. This year, mom hasn’t stepped foot in the garden and Cory hasn’t touched his shovel or bucket in two months. He hasn’t even thought about them, nor about the set of Legos his father gave him four months ago for being such a good sport about dad never being home anymore. Continue reading “Snippet from Christmas Anthology”