My Cover Story

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But to be honest, the only reason I stumbled upon the Urban Fantasy genre back in 2008 was because I completely, utterly and totally fell for this bad-ass cover:


It’s the first book in the Mercy Thompson series by the amazing Patricia Briggs – go check her and her books out now! I’ll wait…

I know a few people who don’t like this cover, but they’re not Urban Fantasy fans, either. I guess the cover spoke to me so much because it perfectly represented what would become my favorite genre.

I loved the book blurb, too, but the first thing that caught my attention was the cover. The cover is the reason I picked the book up and read what it was about on the back.

And that is the effect all authors hope for from their book cover: that it will draw the ideal reader to their story. I, as the author, figure that if it’s a cover that would pick up the book for in a bookstore, then my ideal reader will, too (as long as cover and story fit together). Continue reading “My Cover Story”