Official Cover Reveal for Nightmare City

I love this cover. Les, a.k.a. Germancreative on Fiverr cooked it up for me and did a wonderful job. She’s done several covers for me for job stuff, so I knew working with her would be a breeze.

Of course, the cover for my beloved Book Baby is a different story than for a few content upgrades – but I think Les totally got that and blew me away with how well she was able to convert my written ramblings of what I had in mind onto paper.

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Ever wondered how f***ing scary it is for a writer to publish their first book?

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Writing a book – a successful book, in terms of it being read and liked by people who aren’t the author, the author’s family or friends or manicurist – is a balancing act.

A story needs to strike a balance between a) what the writer wants to write and b) what you, the reader, want to read.

A Writer’s Love – And Hate – For A Story

For a writer to stick with a story for long enough to make an entire, publishable novel out of it, we have to love it. Love it. Heart and soul, mind and body.

Our entire being, inside and out, must cherish the premise, the characters, the plot.

We must adore it. Worship it. Revere it. Or else it will never come to fruition. Continue reading “Ever wondered how f***ing scary it is for a writer to publish their first book?”

Timeline of the Surge – The First Night

The New Year’s fireworks tore Sammy out of his nightmare; there’d been a monster under his bed. It had been black and slimy, with a muzzle that hid three rows of curved, white fangs, and it had wanted to eat him.

Sammy snuggled closer into his pillows, clutching his fluffy Pooh Bear to his skinny chest. He thought about calling out for his mommy, but the dream’s fright was already fading. The popping, crackling noises the monster had made were those of the distant fireworks outside his window – not from underneath his bed. That meant he’d been dreaming and the monster wasn’t real.

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