This is me, wondering what to post about after week 2 in Bali:


Not that there isn’t enough to write about. It’s more like there’s too much. So this will probably end up being a new type of photo-bomb: a post with a barrage of photos, with some explanatory scribbles in between. 

Apropos photos. I brought my wonderful Canon EOS 1100D with all its fixings including a telephoto lens all the way here to the other side of the world – and I haven’t taken a single picture with it. Shame on me!

But, honestly, carrying my smartphone around in my back pocket is just so much easier. And the photos are really decent, as most of you have probably seen on Facebook and Instagram.

So here’s a shout-out and another big, huge, ginormeous THANK YOU to Melanie and Simon, who made my digital nomad life so much easier by getting me a new phone as a farewell-gift. It takes waaaaay better pics than my old one, is at least five times faster and the battery lasts four times as long. You guys rock!

And to prove that I’m making the best use of my new precccciousssss, here are a bunch of photos from the last week. Fair warning: there are a lot of them…

Lembongan Island

Last weekend, we – 10 wifitribers – speed-boated to Lembongan Island, situated South-East off the coast of Bali. Bali’s beaches are mostly made up of black lava-stone sand, but Lembongan’s beaches are pearly white and the water turquoise blue. Beach paradise.

There are no cars allowed on Lembongan, so we rented scooters for the first day and drove all over the island. We stopped for a guided canoe-trip through the Mangrove forests and watched dolphins surfing the waves (sorry, they weren’t close enough for good photos) at a cafe on top of a cliff.

In the evening, we ended up at a chill beach club with a view of Bali and the ready-to-erupt Mount Agung in the background.

Here are the photos, in no particular order:

Gliding through the Mangrove Forests
Mount Agung on Bali in the background.
One of the few healthy and well-fed strays. Probably not tooooo difficult when you’re this cute.


Hopping on and off the boats without the use of jetties – yes, your feet are going to get wet.


These little offering baskets are everywhere in Bali. On the streets, on doorsteps, in front of driveways, in front of shops, on their own little ledges…
Bad lighting of the turquoise bay in the background, but I thought you might want proof that I was actually there, too. 😉
Doggos love the beaches, too.
Deep within the Mangroves… suuuper quiet…

The Food

Okay, so you know me. I’m not really one to post pics of food online. I don’t even usually take pics of my food. But here on Bali, it’s just so darn pretty and photogenic.

Bali itself doesn’t have much of a “traditional Balinese” cuisine. Instead, it’s a melting pot of restaurants from all over the world. Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese, French, Fusion, Mexican, Avocado, Vegetarian, Vegan, BBQ… the list goes on. And it’s all so good. 

Sure, after my Bali-belly episode I tend to avoid the uncooked foods like salads. I live by cook it, peel it, or forget it.

With everything else, though, I just want to dive into the bowls and smear the food all over my face. Seriously, I would do just that if the portions were a bit bigger. Not that they’re too small. They’re just not as overloaded as European or American dishes tend to be.

Which actually makes them the perfect size. 🙂

The Scooters

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, everybody and their dog (literally!) gets around Bali on scooters.

We’ve seen up to three people and – yes, I must mention this again, because it probably sounds as surreal as it looked – their dog piled onto a single scooter. Restaurants and shops here don’t have parking lots for cars, but for scooters.

The photo at the bottom is a small part of the parking lot at Dojo, the coworking space here in Canggu. The top right photo is part of our WiFi Tribe scooter fleet at our home villas.

Speaking of our villas, this is the friendly sight that greets you when you drive up to our front doors (yes, doorssince we share three villas 😉 ):


The Rice Fields

There are rice fields all over Bali. The closest one is right behind our villas. Some are larger than others and we went to visit one of the more vast ones on our first weekend here.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much green in one place:

A Great Investment

… was this little USB-fan. You may laugh, but those were the best 10€ I spent in preparation for this trip.

This is definitely going on my list of must-have digital nomad items.


Balinese Bottle Openers

The Balinese love their Bintang beer. There are even Bintang Radlers! Yep, actual German-style Radlers.

Of course, you need something to open all those beer bottles. Now I don’t know the story behind these bottle openers. But they’re all over Bali, mainly the touristy markets.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I took it in passing so I wouldn’t be pounced on by the stall owner, who probably would have tried to sell me one. But apparently, the Balinese believe that we tourists love opening our beers with these:


Yes, yes, you saw that right. Colorful penis bottle-openers with flowers on them.

If anyone knows the story behind these openers (there’s got to be a story, right?!?!), please let me know!

Okay, we’re off to watch the sunset at the beach and get some dinner. Next week I’m thinking of posting about how we actually do get quite a bit of work done as remote workers and digital nomads.

But only if our upcoming weekend camping trip doesn’t warrant an entire post of its own. 😉

Got questions about WiFi Tribe?

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