4th Snippet Nightmare City – Best Enemies Forever

Here’s another snippet from chapter thirteen of Nightmare City. Eden and Vaughn Taylor, allegedly the Order’s best shade hunter, are like oil and water. They’re both hunting the same shade – but can’t agree on the best way to collaborate…

Nightmare City bookThe shrilling of the phone shocked me awake. I focused on the clock through the blur of my eyes. Almost six in the evening. Fudge. It was probably Cecelia, wondering why I was late for dinner.

I grabbed the phone with a heavy hand. “‘Lo?”

“It’s Taylor,” came the gruff answer. “Is this Eden Maybrey?”

I fought down a yawn. “If she were awake.”

“Typical freelancers, sleeping through the day while the real hunters do their job for them. Guess there’s no need for me to ask how the chase is going.” Continue reading “4th Snippet Nightmare City – Best Enemies Forever”

Not a Fan of Cancun

Let me amend that slightly: I’m not a fan of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. You know, that loooooong stretch of… peninsula? Man-made island in front of the main land? Strip of resorts?

Whatever the term for it, it’s definitely not my favorite place to be as a remote worker, and I’m happy I’m leaving for Playa del Carmen tomorrow. I guess you’ll find some duds here or there, even in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Not a Fan of Cancun”

3rd Snippet Nightmare City – Man Of Her Dreams

In this third snippet of Nightmare CityEden is trying to find Greyson, the – literal – man of her dreams, who she manifested from a nightmare. 

Nightmare City bookI closed my hand around the knob and pushed the door open. Empty concrete greeted me as I slipped inside. I spotted a light switch just before the door clicked shut behind me, and hit it. A dim bulb hanging from a cable in the ceiling illuminated the stairwell. Concrete stairs wound upwards, disappearing around the bend. I could only see a few steps ahead. Greyson – if he was there – would hear me coming up the stairs. I wasn’t going to try to sneak up on a hunted man.

I took a deep breath, gathering courage. “Greyson?” I called upwards. “Are you there?”

Nothing stirred. I waited one heartbeat, two, three. Anticipation and dread jittered through my stomach like electrified marbles. “Greyson?”

Maybe he was sleeping. Or wounded. He’d looked unharmed on TV, but that had been hours ago. If he’d faced those hellhounds again, he might have been hurt. And he had been shot right after manifesting. Maybe he was bleeding to death up there. Maybe he had already bled out.

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Bye Bye Bolivia – Hello Mexico

Perspective fun on the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats

As usual, 4 weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. Bolivia has not just been the most productive WiFi Tribe chapter I’ve ever been on, it has probably been the most productive month of my life. Ever.

Or at least since I was two years old and my brain was a sponge, soaking up words and worlds of information. I suppose that’s probably the most productive time in any human’s life in terms of life lessons learned.

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2nd Snippet Nightmare City – Pain In Her Asset

In the second snippet of Nightmare CityCaptain Ganner of the Somni Order has a proposition for Eden to help in finding the shade she’s hunting – but Eden’s not going to like it. 

Nightmare City bookThe ring of my phone interrupted Sean’s struggle for words. Thankful for the distraction, I answered without looking at the caller screen.

“It got away,” a voice barked into my ear like a general issuing orders.

“Captain Ganner?”

“Who were you expecting, your Fairy Godmother? You called in the doppelgänger forty-five minutes ago.”

“I did, yes.” Over the hotline. How the heck had she gotten wind of it so quickly?

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