Writing for WiFi Tribe


It’s no secret how much a I love work-and-traveling with WiFi Tribe and how much I admire the founders and the entire WiFi Tribe team for continuously providing us with great co-working and co-living experiences.

Which is why I’m super excited to have become a part of the Tribe beyond being “just” a member – I am now part of the team’s writing staff. Yay!

My first article is all about How To Explain The Benefits Of Remote Working To Your Employer. So if you’re thinking about becoming a digital nomad but aren’t sure how to break it to your boss, this might be the place to start. 😉

In other news, I think I’m really late on updates on the latest chapters – namely Florence, Split, and currently Budapest. I’ll be catching up to those soon, promise.

Until then, here’s a photo of the Tribe at Krka National Park, one of the weekend highlights of the Croatia chapter:


Every weekend was a highlight, to be honest. Croatia is a B-E-A-utiful country that I completely underestimated. Which very much contributed to the fact that I am currently dead-broke and scrambling to feed my bank account enough to keep it breathing.

You see, it’s not all only sunshine and roses. Being a digital nomad has its challenges and if you don’t stay on top of them you will reap the consequences, like everyone else in every other lifestyle.

But more on that in an upcoming post.

Cover Photo (c) WiFi Tribe.

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