I’m skipping the big Jungle Weekend Trip on our WiFi Tribe Bolivia chapter because I want to FINISH THIS BOOK.


I was the one who did most of the planning for this trip, too. But, you know, priorities.

I’ve been working on Nightmare City for over 3 years now. I have a gorgeous cover. I have a marketing-slash-promotion plan. I have a publishing date (well, a vague one – at the end of November, just FYI). But in order to not push that self-set publishing date back yet again, I must FINISH THIS BOOK. This weekend.


So wish me luck. I have 10 chapters to go in my second-to-last round of edits. After that, there’s one more full round, planned for Sunday, and I will be done. Done.

You hear me, evil slow book from neverending hell?! DONE!

Nightmare City book

PS: As much as I hate this book sometimes, I actually love it more. I think it turned out amazing (and not just because the chick on the cover supposedly looks like me, according to at least three friends. I wish I were that badass!). And I can’t wait to publish it. I can’t wait for my Book Baby to go out and make its own way in the world. But I also can’t wait to put a pin in it and be done with it and set it free and move on to the next one. Book Baby Deuce. I’m so ready to write something new, to work on a first draft and not just be rewriting and editing. So. Ready.

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