Why I Won’t Be Paying For Facebook Ads to Promote My Novel


Other people have been quite structured and scientific about why book promotion via social media doesn’t work, for example here and here. And there are several reasons that apply to me, for why I’m not planning to promote Nightmare City on social media, at least not through paid ads.

Reason 1 is that I don’t actually interact all that much on social media myself. It would feel unnatural for me to start posting more by way of plugging my book. My followers are friends and family, and I don’t want to bombard them with book book book posts. There’ll be a few for sure, every now and again – but that doesn’t count as a promotion plan.

And when (self-)publishing a book, you need a promotion plan.

Reason number 2 is that there is no Facebook Ads category for Urban Fantasy, the genre of my novel. So I’d be paying money to target the far broader spectrum of fantasy, or possibly paranormal romance readers – neither of which truly applies to my book.

Reason 3 is something that comes down to my own experience when surfing the social webz – I’m a reader (though not as avid as I used to be) as well as a writer and yet I’ve never even clicked on a book by an unknown author advertised to me on Facebook, even if it was in my genre. Unless I know the author or it’s a book I’ve been waiting for but somehow missed the publishing date of, I don’t click on book ads. I couldn’t even tell you why. I just… don’t. If I want to read something new, I actively go looking for a new book to read or pick one from the hundred on my Wishlist.

So yeah, I’ll be sticking to other promotional tools and channels to promote Nightmare City – and promote it I will. I want to give it the best chance possible to be seen and read and liked, and even disliked.

More on the promotion channels and tools I actually plan to use later.


Once-Upon-A-Nightmare-Promo-EreaderAnd if you’re curious about Nightmare City, sign up for my newsletter here and you’ll receive the prequel novella as a free download.

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