2nd Snippet Nightmare City – Pain In Her Asset

In the second snippet of Nightmare CityCaptain Ganner of the Somni Order has a proposition for Eden to help in finding the shade she’s hunting – but Eden’s not going to like it. 

Nightmare City bookThe ring of my phone interrupted Sean’s struggle for words. Thankful for the distraction, I answered without looking at the caller screen.

“It got away,” a voice barked into my ear like a general issuing orders.

“Captain Ganner?”

“Who were you expecting, your Fairy Godmother? You called in the doppelgänger forty-five minutes ago.”

“I did, yes.” Over the hotline. How the heck had she gotten wind of it so quickly?

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Digital nomads: They work remotely and travel the world. Sometimes, they even fall in love…

Wireless Lovestory 1 800x1200 Mockup_white background

Georgia “Gigi” Rand has worked hard to become the beautiful, confident social media expert she is. When she gets the chance to speak at a conference for digital nomads in Florence, she grabs it with both hands – until she learns she’ll have to hold her presentation with the man who not only broke her heart in high school, but ripped it out and stomped on it for good measure.

At first, heartthrob and branding consultant Nate West is intrigued by the woman he gets partnered up with for the conference talk. That is, until he remembers her and what happened between them fifteen years ago. He vows to make it up to her and give her the apology she deserves – but can she forgive him in time for the two of them to deliver a presentation that will knock the socks off the digital nomad community and future potential customers? 

BRANDED BY YOU is the first in the Wireless Lovestory series of steamy* romance novellas (circa 30,000 words) about digital nomads and written by a digital nomad – but not just for digital nomads!

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* not 50 Shades of Grey level, but at least Nora Roberts level steamy (don’t say I didn’t warn you).