Nightmare City is here!

Nightmare City bookAs of today, you can get Nightmare City either as an ebook or paperback novel on Amazon. If you preordered it, it should be delivered to your Kindle automatically today.

Otherwise, buy the Kindle version for here, and for here. You should also be able to access the print versions from those links, if reading a proper book is more your speed.

Also, I’d be eternally grateful if you wrote me an honest (!) review on the platform of your choosing (Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, whatever). Reviews are super important for the success of a book, and I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

Why I Won’t Be Paying For Facebook Ads to Promote My Novel


Other people have been quite structured and scientific about why book promotion via social media doesn’t work, for example here and here. And there are several reasons that apply to me, for why I’m not planning to promote Nightmare City on social media, at least not through paid ads. Continue reading “Why I Won’t Be Paying For Facebook Ads to Promote My Novel”