My second chapter with WiFi Tribe: Chiang Mai, Thailand – Photo Bomb #3

I can’t keep up.

The Thailand chapter is over, and I haven’t published a single post about it. Shame on me. Because it was a doozy.

Chiang Mai & the Digital Nomad Life

Chiang Mai is a wonderful city for digital nomads – for any adventure traveler, really.

Want to know why? Read WiFi Tribe’s article on exactly that topic.

Other than that, check out what exactly we did, and how Chiang Mai became our home for four weeks. Continue reading “My second chapter with WiFi Tribe: Chiang Mai, Thailand – Photo Bomb #3”

Bye Bye Bali – Photo Bomb #2

Bye bye Bali! *sniff*

Thank you for waiting until we left you before letting Mount Agung fully erupt and close down all air traffic for travelers.

That was really big of you.

See Mount Agung in the background emitting a tiny plume of smoke, one day before its initial (smaller) eruption, as seen from Gili Air.

Despite erupting volcanoes and rainy days (due to the rain season) towards the end of the chapter, Bali was a great way to begin this digital nomad experience. Continue reading “Bye Bye Bali – Photo Bomb #2”

Working with WiFi Tribe as a digital nomad – Do we actually work?

I get this question a lot:

How do you get any work done as a digital nomad in a place like Bali?

First, just to get the actual, underlying question in there out of the way: yes, we do work.

We really do.

Case in point: our WiFi Tribe trip of the weekend was to the Gili Islands. A honeymooners paradise about 1.5 hours boat ride from Bali and within spitting distance of Lombok, Bali’s neighboring volcanic island.

Of all the places I’ve travelled to in the world, only Tulum in Mexico can compete with the Gilis’ turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. And the snorkeling here was better than in Cancun. We saw turtles! But that’s a story for another blog post.

My point is: we went to paradise this weekend, from Friday to Sunday. And most of us brought our laptops along, to get some work done on Friday. Continue reading “Working with WiFi Tribe as a digital nomad – Do we actually work?”

Bali-Belly, Magic Roads, Frogs That Live In Picture Frames

The first week in Bali is over. Schwups, gone.


A lot of it is just how I imagined it to be:

  • It’s hot and sticky in Bali.
  • The tribers are amazing. Everyone is open, easy-going, helpful and enjoys life.
  • We do, actually, work a lot. Seriously, we do!
  • The villas are gorgeous, just like the photos on the website promised. Here’s one of mine, from Villa 2 where I’m staying:


Here’s what I wasn’t expecting, or didn’t know to expect: Continue reading “Bali-Belly, Magic Roads, Frogs That Live In Picture Frames”