Writing for WiFi Tribe


It’s no secret how much a I love work-and-traveling with WiFi Tribe and how much I admire the founders and the entire WiFi Tribe team for continuously providing us with great co-working and co-living experiences.

Which is why I’m super excited to have become a part of the Tribe beyond being “just” a member – I am now part of the team’s writing staff. Yay! Continue reading “Writing for WiFi Tribe”

Apparently my daily routine (or un-routine) is fascinating enough to blog about :-D


WiFi Tribe recently started a blog-series called “A Day In The Life”, in which members and their daily work routines are featured. The purpose is to show aspiring digital nomads different possibilities of how to structure your day while constantly traveling and/or not working from your own home or office.

I was the first (I think) to be interviewed and here’s the result.

I think the indomitable Amanda Scott captured my ramblings about my daily routine – or sometimes lack thereof – perfectly. 🙂

Click here to read the post and find out how I make my work work on a daily basis:


Cape Town – The Safari Weekend (Photo Bomb #5)

“It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had”

~ Africa, by Toto

Actually, it took us two days – and many discordant renditions of this classic, just because it’s one of only two songs we know that mention Africa.

So yep, last weekend was safari weekend.

The Cape Town WiFi Tribe chapter split into two groups: the first flew to Port Elizabeth for four days, to visit Addo Elephant Park and get some action on the Garden Route; the second took a two day road trip to an ostrich farm and wildlife ranch in Oudtshoorn, as well as a private game reserve.

Fun, drinks and animal-cuteness-overloads were had by all.

And, of course, thousands of photos were taken. Continue reading “Cape Town – The Safari Weekend (Photo Bomb #5)”

The Digital Nomad Adventure Continues – Hello Cape Town! (Photo Bomb #4)

Today (as I’m writing this) marks the end of Week 3 of my Cape Town chapter with WiFi Tribe. Unbelievable!

I’m so glad this is a 6-week chapter instead of the more usual 4-week, because it’s been absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t want it to end next week. Phew!

So here are some impressions, photos and anecdotes of the Tribe’s first three weeks in Cape Town in 2018. Continue reading “The Digital Nomad Adventure Continues – Hello Cape Town! (Photo Bomb #4)”

Why I chose WiFi Tribe [over all the other digital nomad groups out there]


I’m sitting on the train to my next remote working adventure in Cape Town, marveling at how I ever got so lucky as to travel around the world while working from my laptop. It has worked perfectly so far, which is in large part due to the digital nomad group I decided to travel with: WiFi Tribe.

There are quite a few such groups out there these days, in which digital nomads and remote workers get together for a few weeks or months in the same location, to live, work and travel together. The Remote Year, Hacker Paradise, Coworkation and The Remote Experience come to mind.

I had very specific reasons for choosing WiFi Tribe over all the others, and all those reasons have been confirmed in full by WiFi Tribe’s setup. So I want to share them here with you now, in case you’re a digital nomad thinking of joining one of these groups, but unsure which one might be best for you. Continue reading “Why I chose WiFi Tribe [over all the other digital nomad groups out there]”