It is DONE


Turns out, skipping the Amazon Jungle Trip last weekend was totally worth it because it gave me that last push I needed to actually finish Nightmare City.

That, and I didn’t end up with bed bug bites and shoes that stink of muddy river. Double-win!

Of course, finishing the book is really just the beginning. Now comes

  • the formatting for Amazon Kindle as well as a print version (two very different formatting experiences, as I now know),
  • the hiring of promotion services,
  • the promotion I’ll be doing myself, and
  • the promotion I’ll be asking / begging / pleading my friends and family to do for me… yes, that’s probably you. ūüėČ

For now, note November 26 in your calendar. That’s the publishing date, but you can already preorder the ebook here.

Preorders are worth their virtual weight in gold for authors, from an Amazon ranking standpoint, so if you’re truly interested in reading the book, I’d really appreciate a preorder. Or a shoutout on Social Media. Or a review, once it’s published. Anything, no matter how tiny, helps.

Thank you. And cheers.
(I’ve been celebrating all week.)

PS: Keep an eye out for a first snippet of the book in a couple of days, to be posted here on the blog… ūüėČ

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