Why I Won’t Be Paying For Facebook Ads to Promote My Novel


Other people have been quite structured and scientific about why book promotion via social media doesn’t work, for example here and here. And there are several reasons that apply to me, for why I’m not planning to promote Nightmare City on social media, at least not through paid ads. Continue reading “Why I Won’t Be Paying For Facebook Ads to Promote My Novel”

Nomad Cruise for Introverts (and Extroverts) – Overcome the Overwhelm

Ever heard of Nomad Cruise? It’s basically a conference for digital nomads – at sea! On a cruise ship, to be exact. And I was on the last one, Nomad Cruise 8.

Six days. Five stops between the Canary Islands and Lisbon, Portugal. 222 digital nomads. 20+ talks and workshops. A talent show. “Piranha Tank”. Speakers Challenge. Meetups, 30-second pitches and salsa dancing. An amazing time was had by all!

Well, most of it was amazing. To be honest, I did have a few low points.

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The best Stock Photos for amazing Urban Fantasy Covers


Readers judge books by their covers.

I know the saying tells us to do differently, and I agree on a metaphorical level (especially when you substitute “books” for “people”), but when it comes to actual book covers… well, we choose to pick up and peruse a book based on a cover, don’t we? Continue reading “The best Stock Photos for amazing Urban Fantasy Covers”

Digital Nomad Challenges – Watch Your Spending


In my last post, I promised a run-down of my current troubles as a digital nomad.

You may wonder what troubles a digital nomad could possibly have. We travel from place to place and work from new cities, cafes, libraries and exotic locations every few weeks or months.

If a digital nomad has enough work, what terrible problems could they possibly, really have?

I do have enough work to cover all my traveling and living costs and am living the dream life.

So what’s the problem?  Continue reading “Digital Nomad Challenges – Watch Your Spending”