2nd Snippet Nightmare City – Pain In Her Asset

In the second snippet of Nightmare CityCaptain Ganner of the Somni Order has a proposition for Eden to help in finding the shade she’s hunting – but Eden’s not going to like it. 

Nightmare City bookThe ring of my phone interrupted Sean’s struggle for words. Thankful for the distraction, I answered without looking at the caller screen.

“It got away,” a voice barked into my ear like a general issuing orders.

“Captain Ganner?”

“Who were you expecting, your Fairy Godmother? You called in the doppelgänger forty-five minutes ago.”

“I did, yes.” Over the hotline. How the heck had she gotten wind of it so quickly?

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Bolivia is not your typical WiFi Tribe chapter – mostly due to its location. We’re staying at one of the co-founder’s parents’ house, about 45 minutes outside of La Paz – the highest capital city in the world.

We call the house “the Compound”, because there’s a big fence around the property, and the gates get locked at night. The little town it belongs to is called Huajchilla, and to get here from the city you drive along winding mountain roads, across bridges, around bends with 200-foot-drops down one side, and over construction sites where your butt gets sweaty because you’re so close to the crumbling limestone edge…

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1st Snippet Nightmare City – Hellhounds

Here’s a snippet from Chapter Six of Nightmare City, in which Eden is sent to confront a client’s manifested dream – and gets more than she bargained for. 

Nightmare City bookA nightmare stood on Rodeo Drive. With its heavily muscled neck, the square head, and powerful jaw, it might have been mistaken for a real dog. A giant mastiff perhaps. But the eyes gave it away. I felt the heat of their ruby glow fixed on me, as if the creature knew I had come to eliminate it. No natural animal’s eyes shone from within, like windows into a volcano.

“Hellhound,” my sword named it, mirroring my thoughts.

From its dreamer’s description over the phone, I’d been hoping it was one of the dumb, one-purpose kind of shades – easy to approach and eliminate. Not many shades had the intelligence or self-preservation to run from a shade hunter decked out with an assortment of weapons. But it was clear from the way this creature watched me that it considered me a threat. It wouldn’t stand still while I laid my hands on it and unmade it.

“This one’s going to fight,” Aunt Vy agreed, delighted at the prospect of bloodshed.

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Official Cover Reveal for Nightmare City

I love this cover. Les, a.k.a. Germancreative on Fiverr cooked it up for me and did a wonderful job. She’s done several covers for me for job stuff, so I knew working with her would be a breeze.

Of course, the cover for my beloved Book Baby is a different story than for a few content upgrades – but I think Les totally got that and blew me away with how well she was able to convert my written ramblings of what I had in mind onto paper.

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